CV Writing

Your CV is designed for one main purpose: To gain YOU a job interview. Recruiters / Employers spend less than 30 seconds scanning each CV, so it needs to be clear and concise. Use our top tips to ensure the employer chooses your CV above others.

Choose a clear layout

  • Keep it clear and concise

  • Stick to Times New Roman

  • Font size 12

Use the following headings to plan your layout: 

Contact details

These should be in the centre of the page underneath your name.

  • Include your address, telephone number and e-mail.

  • Address need only be Town & County. No one’s going to turn up at your door with a bottle of wine and Twister!

Do not have 3 different numbers and 2 different email addresses, simply have a contact email & number and be available on it!

  • Think about what your email address says about you? The one you’ve had since you were 17 years old ‘hottie89@******.com’ might not portray the professional business image you want.

Key Skills

First and foremost, the recruiter/employer is looking for someone with a particular skill set that can carry out the required job role. It’s wonderful that you are a hard worker and enthusiastic etc, But in all honesty, unless you have the required skill set necessary then he/she does not have the time to read a ‘This is my life’ novel! Remember your not advertising for a Pen-pal!

Grab their interest first by proving you are whom they are looking for in a sea of applicants, and make them WANT to learn more about you! Otherwise these wonderful words of greatness can just seem like white noise as lets face it… doesn’t everyone sell them selves as ‘Enthusiastic, hard working super-duper fantastic best employee ever!’

Work experience

How have you gained your skill set and experience? Show you have the experience and proven track record to fulfil this position.

  • List your most recent position first as this is who you are NOW! and work back chronologically.

  • Leave no gaps in your time line!

  • Include role, organisation, dates, main responsibilities and achievements.

  • Provide specific details on your personal role rather than the team.

  • Include factual information where possible on size of project, number of subordinates, any values etc;

  • Keep it as clear and to the point as possible. Your not writing a novel.

Personal statement

Ok so by now you should have grabbed their attention like a Harry Potter novel! They’re excited about you and can’t wait to hear all about what a fantastic hard working and dedicated person you are! So tell them so! But don’t bore them!

  • Keep it within the ‘light reading’ parameters, War & Piece is unquestionably a great book but “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

  • Highlight relevant experience, key attributes and goals.

Education & Professional Qualifications

  • List your most impressive first.

Again remember it’s ALL about grabbing attention and KEEPING it!

Hobbies and interests

Now here’s a section that we see all the time but you know what?

Leave it off! It only serves to make your CV longer…ipso facto; BAD!


This is your last line, and should simply read: References available on request.

  • 2 will do

  • Don’t let them be your Mum!

  • Check that they’re contact number is still correct

  • Inform them that you are applying for jobs and to possibly expect a call for reference so that they can prepare themselves for your Sterling reference

Keep it simple

  • Steer clear of long paragraphs, bullet points are easier to read.

Tailor your CV  

  • Tailor your CV toward the role you’re applying for.

  • highlight relevant experience, skills & qualifications for the role you’re applying for.

Keep your CV up-to-date

  • It’s often difficult to remember projects you have been involved with and achievements you have made. To avoid missing vital information, revisit your CV regularly, adding anything of importance and cutting out unnecessary information.

Check and re-check

  • It’s easy to make mistakes on your CV so check it for spelling and grammatical errors as let’s face it…While few people like a grammar Nazi; quite frankly being picked up for ones grammar is simply embarrassing isn’t it!. Finally, get someone else to proof read it before sending to an employer or uploading onto a website. I’m sure yours will be perfect and you will be merely showing off your expert CV writing capabilities, but just in case eh!?