Hardy Recruitment: The Team Builder

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The internet has created opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, making it a great deal easier than it used to be before the advent of social media marketing. It means younger companies who know their way around a keyboard can compete with older, more established players within their market sector; the worldwide web has certainly levelled the playing field.

With so much competition in every industry it can be hard to stand out from the crowd; you need to offer the best product or service possible to push your way to the front of the increasingly crowded marketplace – either that or drown! To achieve success in any industry your first priority should be to build a great team and, to achieve that, you need a great recruiter. You need Hardy Recruitment.

Based in Poole, Dorset, Hardy Recruitment has been serving the jobseekers and businesses of Southern England, London and the rest of the UK for a good number of years. Unlike other agencies though, Hardy stand out because they do more than just dump a pile of CVs on the client’s desk and let them choose one, hoping it will be the right one. The recruitment consultants at Hardy are experts in their field, they make sure the candidates they present for interview are exactly the right ones.

Think of the consultants at Hardy, not just as recruiters, but as team builders or team creators. They go to great lengths to get to know the inner workings of their client’s company, picking out exactly what the existing team needs to take it forward. They will already have an idea by then of the sort of candidate needed to strengthen the team which, in turn, strengthens the company.

New team members, with the right qualifications, skills, expertise and experience can make the difference between winners and losers in such a close race to the top. They bring new ideas, a fresh outlook and a different way of doing things; they can take the company in directions they never may have considered before. They may give their new company the boost it needed.

Just as the consultants at Hardy Recruitment scrutinise their clients, so too the candidates get put under the microscope. You have the talent needed to make a difference wherever you end up, now it’s the job of the experienced recruitment consultant to find your strengths, help you identify and overcome your weaknesses and find the job that best matches the tools at your disposal, with the employer who will make best use of them.With Hardy Recruitment you will get all the help, support and advice you could possibly need to make the transition into your next job.

Hardy Recruitment operate in the following sectors:

  • Sales and account management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Construction and property
  • Office, PA and secretarial
  • Engineering and technical
  • Medical
  • HR
  • Management and senior executive
  • Marketing
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Health and social care
  • Retail

Whether you are an employer looking to bring in a new member of staff or build a new team from the ground up, or you are a jobseeker looking for the next stage of your career to begin, you need the market expertise of experienced and proven recruitment specialists.

You need Hardy RecruitmentContact Hardy Recruitment today and let’s make it work.